How to achieve this two minute classic make up look. (Make-up tutorial)

We love sharing with you some of our favorite makeup looks and how to get them. In our latest blog post we are going to share with you how to achieve this classic make up look within minutes. Hope you enjoy!

Products and steps to achieve this classic look:


First apply our mineral based natural Afterglow bronzer with our blush brush just below the cheek bone. For this look make sure to not apply to much, go a touch on the lighter side.

Then apply our Fresh Start pro-age mineral based natural blush with our blush brush to the apples of the cheeks, blending towards the temples. Make sure blush never extends lower than the tip of the nose. 


 Bronzer  + 


Fresh Start Blush 

Blush Brush 


Using the blending eyeshadow brush apply the shade Evening Sand from our Originality quad palette from lash line to brow bone.

Then using same blending eyeshadow brush apply shade Frosted Almond from the same originality quad palette to the crease and outer corner eye.


 Originality eyeshadow palette +


Blending eyeshadow Brush


For the finisher, apply our pro-age lipstick. To achieve this look, choose a lipstick color that is close to you lip color to enhance the natural beauty, we suggest Huntress. For your best neutral, check out suggestions from our post: How to pick the best nude lipstick for your skin tone