Here at Color The World® we make amazing lipsticks, and giving back is our business! 

We’re aiming to "color the world" by merging our love for business and our passion for giving back. We are raising the bar, (percent actually), and pioneering a way to improve people's lives through the expression of color and business by supporting different causes around the world. Our dream is to set a new example for how the corporate culture gives back. How do we accomplish this? With every purchase of our vegan/cruelty free natural lipsticks, we donate a significant portion of proceeds to charity, thus coloring the world! 

Who are we? We are Stephen and Wayne, two internet start-up brothers who decided to team up with a corporate girl who's love for makeup helped bring together the idea of just how we could color the world. Born and raised in Raleigh NC, we created our own media company together and learned about the power of sharing ideas and using media to promote content that stayed true to our mission; making people smile. 

Our third team member, Stephanie, is Stephen’s wife, and worked with us to dream up the idea of Color The World. A world where she could take her shot at making people, including herself, smile more. She now lives in Raleigh with Stephen, and helped decide to open the doors to creating all natural, vegan/cruelty free, hand poured artisan lipsticks that connect to causes we support and actively promote. Each lipstick color is exclusive to a different charity around the world, and with each tube of lipstick color sold, 10% of profits goes to a cause. 

We want to keep it simple - things that make us smile - like giving to charities. Laugh, love, live, and color people's lives. 

We are in the process of developing more products, but are excited to begin with our colorful lipsticks, with the hopes of making a difference to each charity we support. 

Help us give the gift of color and join the .W movement. 

Onward and forward,

Wayne, Stephen and Steph