Lipstick, what’s the Occasion?

Fall is in the air and that means spending more time with family and going out to more events! Whether it’s pumpkin patches, haunted houses or just spending quality time with family, Color The World has a variety of lipsticks to fit your needs!

Every day wear is a lipstick that appears to be a little more natural. It’s less bold than some of the colors that are available, something that matches with just about everything you wear. It is worn to complement your wardrobe and your natural beauty. For lighter skin tones, something likeHuntress, Kisses,orWildflower are a great everyday wear. For darker skin tones, something likeGirls Night Out (GNO), CoCo Razz,orChocolate Mousseare great for those more natural looking skin tones.

Since Fall means lots of family time there are plenty of activities. Whatever the family plans, you can look great with one of our lip shades. Something like an everyday style, but a little more fun, since you’re wearing it for a special of occasion would be perfect. Our colorsRose Gold, Rosé, KissesandDragon Fruit fall into that category. Look great for your family, and still be ready for that special activity.

If you have a presentation at work, you’ll want to wear a color that is fun and inviting. A color that shows you are professional but also approachable is appropriate in this instance. You’ll want to wear a lipstick that gives you confidence when you’re standing in front of a room full of people. Something bold, but not too wild. Our lipstick colorsFoxy, Coral Reef,orRevolutionary are show-stoppers when it comes to dressing to impress and leaving an impression, which is perfect for those important presentations.

Maybe you’re going to hang out with your closest friends and go to a concert, go out for dinner, or maybe go out clubbing. You want to be prepared with the best lipstick shades to show you’re ready to have fun and be bold! Get out with your friends and try a couple of our more daring colors likeMagnificent, Glamberry,orPlump It Up!If purple isn’t really your style, you can always tryFlirt, Goddess,orSpicy Habanero.These colors are great for showing off your bold style and pairing well with a fun dress.

No matter the occasion, Color The World has a selection of lipsticks that will leave you wanting more. Our hand poured artisan lipsticks come in many different shades to fit your needs and leave your lips moisturized throughout the day. So, what’s your first occasion? To view all of our available lipstick shades, gohere.

54 Year-Old Susan is Hooked! 
"Life is an adventure no matter if you’re 5 years old or 60, and you can feel beautiful at whatever age you are. But the older you get the more important it is to figure out the right product for you.  See I'm 54 years old and I have been on a mission to find the perfect lipstick. One that doesn't feather or bleed.  Over the years I have been through a lot of lipsticks - but now my search is over. I have order 6 lipsticks from color the world and each and every one of them are perfect! They don't bleed or feather and the best part is they leave my lips nice and velvety soft!"

When we launched Color The World Cosmetics many said to us "you do realize that older women don't buy makeup don't you?" And we thought to ourselves how wrong are you... They do buy make up, but they get home put it on and think this was made for younger skin and then throw it into a drawer. So that is why we have worked hard to specifically formulate a product that was made for older faces. No longer will you have that frustration of throwing products into the drawer you'll be putting them on your face and saying well I really do look fabulous!