Top 4 makeup mistakes women make

One of the biggest mistakes made with Foundation is that it’s too pale.

So it’s time to ditch the rule that says you should match foundation to skin. Matchy-matchy foundation can leave you looking pale. So next time you go for foundation, go with a slightly warmer tone to put life back into your skin. You won’t believe how many compliments I got after just doing this.

The ears, don’t forget them!
Ears are a part of your face too, and are often forgotten. You want your ears to blend in with the rest of your face… so if you have red lobes, don’t forget to lightly sweep your foundation brush over them.

Not choosing the right lipstick…

As we age it is important to find a lipstick that does not migrate or bleed into those little lips lines.

We suggest our Pro Age lipsticks - A lipstick focused on ensuring your lips get that pop of color you are looking for while staying hydrated without feathering or bleeding into those little lip lines.  A product that leaves no woman behind!

Blush doesn't look right - streaky blush

Finding the right blush and application is key. Stop applying blush from mouth to ear and use this instant trick to lift cheeks… Swirl blush ever so slightly higher on the apples of the cheek.