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Wrinkles around the mouth can diminish by taking care of your lips

As we age it becomes more important to take care of our lips. If you don’t, they can get chapped and start to peel, which makes it harder to apply lipstick and look great. Chapped lips are uncomfortable and unappealing so it’s necessary to take some action to make sure your lips are healthy.

First, start by using lip balm on dry lips. Do your best to keep it with you -- either carry it in your pocket or keep it in your purse - for easy access. 

Some lip balms/chapsticks are petroleum based and those can actually dry out your lips more and become addictive to the user. Instead, try buying one that has vitamin E, natural beeswax, candilla wax, or almond oil. These balms are more likely to moisturize your lips and help them feel better. Even use lip balm  before your lips become chapped so you’re already protected from the wind and weather.

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Drink plenty of water to make sure your body is hydrated. The reason your lips are probably chapped is because there isn’t enough moisture in your body. Our bodies require a lot of water to maintain beautiful skin and a healthy body. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and your lips will be less likely to crack. Hydration on both the outside and the inside is important.

If you’re planning on wearing lipstick despite having dry lips, just make sure you apply a lip balm or chapstick before applying the lipstick. This gives a good base for hydration when using lipstick.

Another way to help with chapped lips is to give them a good scrubbing. With a homemade solution of granulated sugar and lip balm, you can scrub off the dead cells that are on your lips for a nice, smooth feel. All you have to do is mix granulated sugar with your lip balm and rub it on in circular motions. Once it’s been rubbed on, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth for a smooth finish.

Be sure you’re using lipsticks that aren’t full of harmful chemicals. When choosing lipsticks, look for nutrients and natural extracts like jojoba, shea butter and pomegranate seed oil. There are brands of lipstick, like Color The World, that are hand-poured with all natural ingredients. Lipsticks that don’t have those nutrients can be damaging to your lips, causing them to dry out and peel.

The skin of your lips is thinner than the rest of your skin, which is why they are so fragile and affected so significantly by changes in weather, dehydration, cold sores and even the sun. 


There are a few benefits to taking care of your lips and staying moisturized.Your skin heals faster. Lip balm helps to seal up any cracks in your lips, healing up infection and moisturizing your lips to prevent from more cracks. You’ll appear younger if you regularly moisturize. Wrinkles around your mouth can be diminished and protection from the sun will keep from aging and even skin cancer. As SheKnows goes on to say, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, M.D., Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in the Department of Dermatology at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, says,” Your lips naturally produce an oil that keep them moist. During the wintertime though, this thin layer is easily licked off. In combination with the cold, windy weather, this often leads to dry, chapped lips.” Nobody wants to have to deal with annoying chapped lips or the pain that comes with it, so staying hydrated and using moisturizer helps avoid this.

Also, your lipstick looks way better! By staying moisturized, you avoid cracks and wrinkles in your lips, which makes it easier to apply lipstick and be able to pull it off without it peeling off or getting cracked.

It’s important to get ahead of the curve and take care of your lips now. By avoiding chapped lips, you’ll be in less pain, have smooth lips and look great with any lipstick you wear!

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