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Blushing Beauties: How to Choose the Right Blush Shade for Your Fabulous 40s, 50s, 60s and Beyond


Applying blush on 65 year old

Hello, gorgeous ladies! It's your beauty expert here, dishing out the sassiest and most fabulous advice for all you stunning souls in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. Today, we're talking about one of the juiciest secrets to looking radiant and youthful—choosing the perfect blush shade for your skin tone!

You may have heard the saying, "Age is just a number," and honey, we couldn't agree more! So let's dive into the magical world of blush and add that perfect pop of color to your cheeks, shall we?

Step 1: Know Thy Skin Tone

First things first, sweethearts: to find your dream blush shade, you've got to know your skin tone. Take a peek at your wrist and check out your veins. Are they more blue or green? If they're blue, you've got cool undertones. If they're green, you're rocking warm undertones. And if you can't really tell, congratulations—you're neutral, darling!

Step 2: Flirting with Colors

Now that we've got that sorted, let's flirt with some blush colors, shall we? Here's a quick guide for all you fabulous gals:

  • Cool Skin Tones: Look for rosy pinks, berry shades, and cool mauves. These hues will make your cheeks pop like a cherry blossom in spring!

  • Warm Skin Tones: You'll slay with peachy-pinks, warm corals, and bronzed apricots. These shades will give you that sun-kissed, beach babe glow.

  • Neutral Skin Tones: Lucky you! You can play with a mix of warm and cool shades. Just avoid anything too extreme, and you'll be a blushing beauty in no time.

Step 3: Embrace Your Age (and Your Skin!)

Age is just a number, but it can still affect your blush game. As you glide through your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond, your skin may lose some of its natural rosiness. But worry not, my loves! This is where a cream or liquid blush comes in handy, as they blend beautifully and give your skin a lovely, dewy finish.

Step 4: Pucker Up with Color The World Lipsticks

Now that we've got your cheeks all rosy and fabulous, let's not forget about those luscious lips! I'm absolutely smitten with Color The World Lipsticks, and their shade "Empowered" is perfect for all you ageless beauties. It's a universally flattering pinky-nude that'll make your lips look positively kissable. Plus, a portion of each sale goes to charity, so you'll look good and do good—talk about a win-win!

And there you have it, my fabulous friends! Now that you're armed with these sassy tips, go out and conquer the world with your perfectly flushed cheeks and irresistible pout. Remember, you're never too old to play with color, so embrace your age and let your inner beauty maven shine!